What is Customer Delight ?

It's creating a feeling of "WOW" !


Delighted customers are those where you anticipate their needs, provide solutions to them before they ask and where you are observing to see if new and/or additional expectations are about ready to be required.

What's wrong with just providing customer service?

Just simply providing good customer service isn't cost effective. It misses the opportunity to provide the rewards!

When you create "WOW" you have planted a very special peg in the memory of the customer that is easy to recall. It creates the possibility of the customer telling the story about their "WOW" experience to many friends, associates and strangers. It creates the free advertising that you can't place a momentary value to.

Customer delight brings customers coming back for more. It causes new customers to come. It takes to out of the realm of being the same as all the others and places you clearly at the top. It distinguishes you from the rest. It allows you to sell your product or service for more money than the competition. It allows you to make more return on your investment. It allows you to reward your employees.

Customer Delight may be the difference between success or failure!

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