Is "customer delight"  out of reach 

in today's fast paced world ?


Have you ever thought about what makes one business or organization succeed and the next just be mediocre or fail altogether?
Table of Contents
What is Delight?
Formula for Success
Ten Step Recipe
Be part of the solution
What's Next
What about you?
Learning tools
Red Bead Experiment
What's a RED BEAD ?


Perhaps the recipe for business success is an extension of the recipe of personal success.

This document should be considered as "food for the mind - food for thought"!

In reviewing this information even more important than just reading the words is to have a healthy discussion of the content with your friends, work colleagues, etc.

Responsibility for success or failure starts with ....  YOU !


You have to make a conscious decision that you will no longer accept anything other than what is possible - and anything is possible. 

Start small and take one small step at a time. Hold yourself accountable for achieving results. After you start achieving small successes then start holding another person accountable and so on ....

Eventually, many small successes will then result in other people trying harder and more small successes will occur ....


OK, enough ..... so how do you get started ?  --- more--

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